Product Review: Dempster’s Garden Vegetable Bread

ImageI never give up the opportunity to add a little extra in my day. And an extra serving of vegetables is never a bad thing. I seem to never get enough. This could be because I will eat every piece of fruit in the house first.  Then maybe I will have some green pepper and remember how much I like green peppers.

So while visiting mom back when we were making jam I picked up a loaf of bread. While I try to make my own there isn’t always time for this.  The bread I picked up was Dempster’s Garden Vegetable bread.

I would give this bread a 7/10.

For store bought bread the texture is not to bad, and at 110 calories per-slice it isn’t the end of the world. This is a typical caloric count for this brand of bread. It is soft and moist. It toasts nicely. Lots of perks right? The down side? I am not a huge fan of the taste of the bread untoasted. We don’t eat a lot of sandwiches in our family- so it took a few slices into the load before we noticed not only the taste, but also the after taste.  It has a bit of a vitamin taste to it.  So I guess if you need to get as many extra vegetables into the body as you can- buy it. If not skip it.


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4 thoughts on “Product Review: Dempster’s Garden Vegetable Bread

  1. I was curious about this bread… but it seems to be more of a fortified packaged food than something “healthful”. I think I’ll stick with my Ezekial sprouted grains and get my vegetables from the real thing! Thanks for the review :)

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